Product philanthropy—donating used or unwanted products to charity. Done right, product philanthropy requires minimal time and labor, yet generates maximum efficiency to helping others.

Things that most people take for granted can often change the lives of others. New bed sheets can help a family get back on their feet after a fire destroys their home; binders and notebooks will help children to reach their potential at school; and a new desk can help someone improve their job-seeking skills.


When you funnel your donations to a gifts-in-kind organization, it gets even better, because the process requires little on your part. Gifts-in-kind organizations like G4G are nonprofits that collect product donations, then distribute them to qualified nonprofits that, in turn, give them to people in need.

Submit for approval a list of the inventory you’d like to donate. Once it’s approved, ship the stock to a designated location. From there, the gifts-in-kind organization takes over, sorting, cataloging, and making those products available to its member charities.

You’ll receive a confirmation message for your records. And after the products are donated, you’ll learn the names of the charities that benefited from them.

Product philanthropy via gifts-in-kind organizations such as G4G Malaysia gives you an efficient, repeatable workflow for repurposing of unwanted inventory. Contact us today to begin your journey to product philanthropy.
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